Curtain (Heavy – Small) – Pressing

Curtain (Heavy – Small) – Pressing

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Important Information about your order

Products & minimum orders

  • Customers should confirm the number of articles prior to handing over the same & on collection.
  • All garments should be claimed within 15 days from the date of collection and therefore a date of delivery within this time period should be agreed by the client. If items are not claimed within the stipulated period the hotel will not have any liability for damage or losses & no refunds will be made. Unclaimed items will be disposed of without any notice.
  • A Minimum order value of Rs. 2500 (excluding delivery) will apply.

Delivery charges, delivery times & payment

  • A delivery charge will be added to the final pricing depending on the place of delivery. The delivery charge may change at the discretion of Mahaweli Reach Hotel.
  • If laundry is required prior to 48 hours from handing over, express charges amounting to double the stated cost, would apply.
  • Laundry would be collected between 9.00a.m. – 5.00p.m. daily and the collection time will be arranged with the customer upon notification by the customer to Mahaweli Reach Hotel of the need for the collection of laundry.
  • Mahaweli Reach Hotel reserves the right to refuse laundering of any item deemed liable for damage easily upon treatment.
  • Garments will be returned to the guest after 48 hours. The laundry list will be required for verification upon delivery. In case of loss, the National Identity Card of the customer should be produced.
  • We accept VISA/ Master Debit and Credit cards, or cash on delivery as payment.
  • Time of delivery is stated as an estimate only and may vary depending on factors such as distance, traffic and other factors.
  • Mahaweli Reach Hotel will bear no liability for any failure or delay in delivery arising out of circumstances beyond our control.
  • In case of an unusual delay due to unforeseen circumstances, the customer will be contacted and notified.